Congratulations on the International Day of the air traffic controller!

International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers (International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations, IFATCA) has been officially registered in Amsterdam on October 20, 1961. This event was a significant milestone in the history of the development of air transport and laid the foundation the emergence of the professional holiday on this date - the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller.


As of today total 133 participants are members  of IFATCA and they represent 50’000 air traffic controllers from across the globe. The rule of thumb for all air traffic controllers is: no matter what happens and no matter what are the air traffic controller’s working conditions – the work must be done on "excellent". And that is clear, as these people on the ground are responsible for the safety of those who are at this moment in the sky.


Sky Handling expresses gratitude to all air traffic controllers for their work, especially for how they responsibly relate to safety of human lives. Our congratulations on this professional holiday and wish you good health, happiness and success in all undertakings and implementation conceived plans!