The first electric car in the airport Kyiv

The Sky Handling company, which operates at the Kiev International Airport (Zhulyany), decided to refuse to use road transport with internal combustion engines and first switched to providing on ground services for aircrafts at Kiev airport (Zhulyany) using electro vehicles.

This decision was made to ensure maximum safety, cost-efficiency and environmental quality.

The importance of such Sky Handling position regarding environment protection is related to implementation of ICAO recommendations for the creation of compensation projects that reduce CO2 emissions and for popularization of electric cars in Ukraine.

According to the company's management, this priority task should cover the entire infrastructure of airports, a clear example of which is our airport "Kiev" (Zhulyany) which is located within a megacity, where millions of people live.

We sincerely hope that in the foreseeable future, the state policy on innovative technologies will gradually change for the better, and will be characterized by economic and social benefits, which will not only reduce the cost of ground handling services at airports, but also significantly increase the comfort and safety.